"Think, Sharing!"





		At Caseware our developers tend to build a lot of tools to make
		their lives easier.  We offer these simple tools as freeware in 
		hopes that they will be of value to you or your team.
SQL File Merge Utility.A simple utility for merging multiple SQL scripts into a single file.
This utility requires the .NET framework and Windows XP or greater.
CSV Splitting Utility.A simple Win32 console application that can take a large CSV file and split it into a user defined number of smaller csv files duplicating the header in ever new file.
Get File Size Utility.A simple Win32 console application that returns the size of a file at either Kilobytes, Bytes, or Lines (For text files).

The utilities on this page have been compressed using the Open Source compression utility 7-Zip. It can be downloaded here: http://www.7-zip.org